Beautiful ADB Compliant Open Plan Loft Conversion In Chiswick

How did the project come together?

Uncover the story behind this open plan project

Stage 1:

Preparing the concept design

Ash Island Lofts have been busy at their beautifully crafted work of creating a stunning loft conversion once again. We love this property and how it speaks of finesse. From the fine choice of exquisite materials and furnishings to create a thoroughly modern and beautiful home.

Stage 2:

Defining the layout

As with many loft conversions that go hand in hand with an open plan kitchen and dining area in it's design, it was important to ensure that building regulations were met accordingly. Approved inspectors were called in to assess the requirements and it was identified that a fire suppression system would be needed to protect the residents, as well as the property in the event of activation due to a fire breaking out.

Stage 3:

Building Control Sign off

The choice of the fire suppression system for installation within this property as Automist, a product produced and manufactured by a British company Plumis. As Automist is not supplied B2C Accredited Reseller Installers who are fully qualified and who meet strict adherence of supply and install, Blue Light Safety Limited were drafted in to install the product.

Stage 4:

Transformation Complete

With most of the major works to the property nearing their final phase of completion, Blue Light Safety Limited were drafted in to supply, fit and install the Automist system, ensuring the residents safety in the even of an unwanted fire. Why not have a read of our handy guide on watermist x sprinklers by clicking the link below to see the many benefits and reasons for choosing Automist over regular sprinklers.

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