15th Century Pub In The Heart Of Beaumaris Gets A Makeover

How did the project come together?

Uncover the story behind this open plan project

Stage 1:

Preparing the concept design

The George & Dragon, located in Beaumaris, Anglesey was in need of a makeover and the project management team behind this stunning finished renovation were Robinson's Brewery.

This particular building is a Grade II* listed building. So any alterations or changes to the building itself require the strictest of building regulations. It was necessary to take into account from the initiation of the project all the requirements in order to not breach any regulations or laws.

Stage 2:

Defining the layout

As the pub houses accommodation for guests on the first floor, it was crucial to provide a safe means of escape for the first floor tenants in the event of a fire for their safe exit from the building to safety.

Due to this there were challenges ahead and some forethought and seeking of the experts advice as necessary.

Stage 3:

Building Control Sign off

Phillip Ingham of Robinsons Brewery, who was responsible for the overseeing of the project renovation in general said: “Problems arose when we carried out a fire risk assessment, the assessors had identified that a safe means of escape was required from the tenants accommodation above the pub. The premises is landlocked on three sides, the stair from the accommodation is situated at the rear of the premises and all the doors lead onto the main road at the front of the building.”

Phillip and the brewery team considered several on the market available options to tackle the fire safety issue, including putting in a new, strategically placed flight of stairs to resolve the problem. This just wasn’t the desired and feasible solution as due to the buildings Grade II listing it was necessary to make as little impact or alterations on the building as possible. As this building symbolises national heritage of which, some parts of the building date as far back as 1410 in places.

“The risk assessors recommended a certain type of fire suppression system,” said Phillip. “But when I did my research it was clear that this wouldn’t be right for the George and Dragon, it was too intrusive, so I went online to find another solution. That is when Blue Light’s Danny Smith and the Automist system came to the rescue.” Phillip then met with Danny, technical adviser at Blue Light on site at the pub to do a full assessment.

Stage 4:

Transformation Complete

Phillip said: “After doing the assessment Danny told us that they could supply, fit and install the Automist fire suppression system product for us.

The system was perfect, everything is concealed apart from the five sprinkler heads which are so discreet they just blend in with the decor.”

Working with Blue Light was easy for Phillip, they took care of all of his concerns, he said: “Working with Blue Light was great, they were very good and very helpful, they looked at the problems, listened to what I had to say and to came up with the right solution for the building. The installation went as smoothly as possible, the main contractor fitted the electrical and water supplies following the pre-installation guide provided by Danny, and the team at Blue Light spent only one day on site.”

Gary Chadwick, the publican at the George and Dragon, is happy with Blue Light’s work too, it has allowed him to continue to grow the business.  He said: “The Automist system gives me peace of mind knowing that both I and the timber frame building has been protected. It fits in very well, you don’t see it as a fire suppression system, it blends in with the aesthetic and you don’t even realise it’s there. Phillip added: “Anyone who has a problem with their fire safety really needs to consider Blue Light so that they can work out a solution.”

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