Our top 5 Cleaning Gadgets

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a chore, if you’re smart. Choose high-tech gadgets and you’ll save time and money with minimal effort.

Here’s our top 5:


Forget the rubber gloves and get the machines to do the hard work for you – Cleaning the easy way


The i-Robot Roomba 651 vacuum cleaner is bound to become your favourite. Simply put your feet up and let it do all the hard work for you. With a patented, three-stage cleaning system, AeroVac technology and a unique brush design, the i-Robot can handle hair, pet fur, carpet fuzz and more. Plus, with its XLife Battery, it lasts twice as long as other cleaning cycles and you don’t even have to be at home – simply set the timer and come back to sparkling floors!

£359.10, John Lewis 

Go Duster

This lightweight, cordless, motorised duster offers effortless cleaning. All you have to do is press the button, wave it like a wand and as it spins for over 250 RPM, it creates a static charge that grabs the dust and holds it. A favourite on the TV Gadget Show, it’s safe to use on all kinds of surfaces from your electronics to your antiques and it can get into those hard to reach areas. The Go Duster is easy to clean and makes it easy for the kids to help out. Now that’s magic!

£12.99, Amazon 

Karcher WV2 Premium Window Vac

With this chargeable window vac, cleaning your windows has never been so easy. Lightweight and compact, the Karcher WV2 gives that professional streak-free finish in an instant with 25 minutes per charge, and without any dirty water drips. It’s not just for windows either, you can use the Karcher to clean your mirrors, shower screens, tiles and even to mop up floor spills. For a sparkling, shine that’ll save you time, go Karcher.

£54, B&Q 

Winbot W730

If window cleaning is still too much of a chore, then we recommend the world’s only window cleaning robot. It’ll clean your windows, glass doors, shower screens and even mirrors with the simple touch of a button. You simply switch the robot on, place it on the window and press start. The robot’s clever enough to figure out the size of your window and program a path to clean it without slipping. With technology like this, who cares if the robots take over?

£570, Amazon 

RC Sugoi Mop

The RC Sugoi Mop is a radio-controlled cleaning mop. With controls designed in the shape of a gaming console and a name (Sugoi) that translates as ‘wow!’ this really puts the fun into cleaning. Available in a number of colours, all you need to do is sit back, relax and let the mop do its work.

£45, Japan Trend Shop 

Turbo Brush

Whether it’s your kitchen hob, bathroom tiles or inside the oven, tackling grime has never been so easy with the Turbo Brush. This powerful sonic cleaning brush saves hours of scrubbing and scraping with its oscillating scrubs. With four different brush head options, it’ll remove dirt from the toughest marks to the lightest dust. Turbo charge your cleaning and save time with this clever little gadget.

£14.99, JML Direct