How to refresh your kitchen – Design tips from the team at Bath Bespoke

Redesigning your kitchen can sometimes be a big project. It requires time, planning and a lot of thought. But if you’re looking just to spruce up or adapt your existing kitchen there are a couple of design tips and tweaks that are easy and quick to introduce. At Bath Bespoke, we love good design and with these little ideas your kitchen will be looking brand new in no time.

Splash of Paint

Introducing a new colour to your cabinets or furniture is a great way to revitalise your kitchen. Preparation is key here so if you’re painting wood make sure to prep and sand before hand.

1.  Fill and caulk (for bare wood)

2.  Strip or sand area. Use a fine or a courser sandpaper appropriate to the wood and furniture

3.  Clean area

4.  Primer and undercoat (if necessary)

5.  Top coat

When adding a new colour, you don’t need to paint large areas to create impact. Take these dipped painted chairs:


Or our very own jewel table, designed by Mia Marquez and created by the Bath Bespoke team:


Designed by Mia Marquez


Accessories are key in a kitchen. But it’s a difficult balance between design and functionality. You don’t want to over clutter as this reduces your work space and means there are more things to clean. So think practicality but creative practicality. Take some ideas from our previous kitchen renovations:


Adding accessories to your kitchen a la Bath Bespoke

We’ve added practical but beautiful appliances that add value to the kitchen. Take the kilner jars. They are filled with colourful yet functional ingredients. They have a purpose but also add vibrancy to the room. Likewise stainless steel appliances work really well in kitchens, especially against bare wood. The stainless steel lamp shade (picture bottom left) adds an industrial feel to this otherwise very elegant looking room. This is complimented by the shiny glass and silver door knobs.

Likewise don’t think design is just about adding colour. Take the brown and white cutlery (top right picture). These very rustic pieces are relatively plain in colour but their simplistic design and uniformity sets the shelf off perfectly- very scandi style.

Add a feature wall


Adding a feature wall creates variety and definition

Adding a feature wall can do wonders to changing the appearance and feel of your kitchen. From adding an interesting splash back, to tiling a wall or adding feature wall paper, all these things can update your room instantly. While this takes a little bit more preparation, the results are worth it. In some of our previous designs we’ve incorporated a feature wall. This adds variety to a room, and helps section the space. There’s so much possibility for a feature wall from colour, design and texture.

A back wall usually works well as a feature wall in small kitchens as it draws the eye and makes the room look bigger. Likewise, it works well in a larger kitchen to add definition to a space.

Hope these tips help and if you’re planning a total redesign get in touch. Discover how we can make your dream kitchen a reality. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to discover more incredible kitchen designs.