Best of High-tech Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are no more the place where you just used to visit for personal hygiene and physical needs. But with modern-day technology, they have now turned into these amazing high-tech rooms in your house where you would want to go, not out of habit or routine, but because of how it makes you feel. So, let’s check out all the amazing fixtures that you need for your modern high-tech bathroom.

The Cybertecture Mirror

The Cybertecture mirror is the highly advanced version of the mirror from Snow White. If you don’t believe me, then check out its features. Apart from the famous ‘mirror, mirror on the wall – who’s the fairest of them all’, it will also tell you the temperature outside, provide you with news feed on the basis of your preferences, give you information on your health, let you browse social networks, watch TV, etc. It comes in a black or white casing and will cost you anywhere around $3500 to $7500. It’s currently available in India, China, Hong Kong and Europe through manufacturers or local retailers. Now, this sure is an interesting innovation in bathroom automation, right!?


The Cybertecture Mirror

High-Tech Kohler and INAX Toilets

Innovation has really been advancing in the bathroom automation department. After these LED, internet enabled mirrors, next come toilet seats with automatic seat lift, music and water heaters. Kohler Numi, priced at $6400 is one such example of high-tech toilets seats. It has a motion-activated lid and seat, techno bidet system, automatic dryer and deodorants. Not just that, but it also has an MP3 player, lights and warms your feet while you’re on it. INAX, TOTO, Thetford, COCO, etc. are some names popular in the advanced toilet systems. They also come in many beautiful designs and colours.


High-tech Toilets

Programmable Showers

A programmable shower holds the capacity to control and regulate water temperature, amount, etc. They either come with a LED touch panel or you can control it with your mobile phone. There are many types of showers to choose from – handheld showers, mixer showers, power showers, etc. Not just that, but they come in various designs as well – like there are Jacuzzi showers, multi shower head systems, waterfall showers and so much more. With one of these in your bathroom, you won’t even have to worry about the temperature of your water. What more can you ask for!?



Luxurious Bathtubs

Bathtubs are a very fundamental part of the bathroom. And with the help of recent technology and the willingness to spare some bucks, you can get the best of features in your bathtub. They come with jets, whirlpools, inbuilt heating systems, stereo radios and so much more. There are some bathtubs out there that offer the iPod docking system and sauna as well. It’s like getting the benefits of spas in the comfort of your own home – every day and free of cost. Jacuzzi Whirlpool bathtub, Energy balance cocoon, Bazen AT-956TV is some of the examples of these luxuriously automated bathtubs.


Automated bathtubs

These were some of the awesome high-tech features that you can install in your fully automated bathroom. Not only will they refresh you, but they’ll be relaxing, enjoyable and informational as well. With technology like this in your bathroom, you will be able to experience work, spa, dining and refreshment all in a single place! There are also many design and techno features in faucets these days – like Al Moen’s mixer faucets, dryer faucets, faucets with motion sensors, etc. You can also use these in your bathroom to enhance the experience!

We would love to know which one of these accessories caught your attention the most, so do comment and let us know! So, we hope you like these accessories!