Baufritz – Your home, made with nature

Baufritz is a German company that believes a healthy home is a happy home. In fact, health and eco living is at the heart of their natural construction philosophy. Their innovative eco technology gives you a smart-home that’s environmentally friendly and saves energy. They build you much more than a dream home – they build for your health!

From modern, urban homes to single storey, chalet-styles, or more traditional houses, Baufritz work with you to help you design a home that’s energy efficient and 100% ecologically and naturally health friendly.

Baufritz – Building cleaner, greener homes

Baufritz houses provide the healthiest possible environment, particularly for allergy sufferers, with allergy compliant construction, top air quality, smart hygienic on-demand ventilation, electro smog protection of the highest standard, and certified organic insulation. They don’t allow the use of PU construction foams, chemical insulation materials, toxic adhesives or laminate flooring. Plus, all products used for construction and in the home are tested for harmful substances.

With a number of modern, smart energy saving concepts, Baufritz also work with you to find the best solution for your home and your pocket, whether that’s gas condensing technology, fuel cells, air source heat pumps, geothermal heat, photovoltaic systems, insulation or healthy LED lighting.

They’ve also developed a protective plate, which reduces electromagnetic pollution. This innovative design is made of natural stone with a thin carbon bearing. It gets mounted on roofs and walls and protects from harmful radiation in and around the home. It’s what reduces up to 99% of the electro smog and offers both wind proofing and fire protection.

So for service and quality, and one main contact person at the company from the start of your dream design to the finished family home, arrange an appointment with Baufritz today. With your health and well-being a priority, building a new home has never been so relaxing.