5 bedroom, detached, new build property in Port Erin

How did the project come together?

Uncover the story behind this open plan project

Stage 1:

Preparing the concept design

When an architect informed the owner of a 5 bedroom, detached, new build property with an innovative, open plan design in Port Erin, Isle of Man that she would need to install a sprinkler system to provide fire protection for her open plan living room and staircase area she was not satisfied with the initial design or the price quoted.

Stage 2:

Defining the layout

The homeowner heard about a 'Total compartment application system' from the Building Inspectors who were as keen as she was to avoid spoiling the design of the house which would ensure the property met building regulations.

Automist solved a big headache for us so I was really pleased to learn about it. It is a brilliant system and I would recommend it to anyone who is reluctant to mar a well-designed property with unattractive sprinklers.

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Mrs Du Toit


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