Which kitchen worktop should I choose?

When it comes to kitchen worktops you have plenty of options. So whether you’re after Corian, granite, glass, wood, stone or marble, we’ve done the research and found you some great suppliers. Now all you have to do is choose!


Corian is an extremely robust, long lasting worktop. It’s non-porous, which makes it very easy to clean, and non-allergenic, which means no mould, mildew or bacteria. Being scratch resistant, heat-resistant and impact-resistant, it won’t wear under pressure, which makes it a very popular commercial choice. It’s making its way into homes now too, and not only because of these benefits, but its professional finish. Available in high gloss, semi-gloss and matte satin, you get a 10-year guarantee with Dupont.

DuPont UK Website


Corian kitchen worktop


Tristone offer a cheaper alternative to Corian. The colour range isn’t quite as vast, but this 100% acrylic solid surface worktop also comes with a 10-year guarantee and it’s perfect if you’re after the Corian look, but working to a tighter budget.

Tristone UK Website


Quartz & Granite

Quartz and granite offer the strongest, most solid worktops available and they’re scratch, stain and heat resistant too. Plus with Quartz Worktops Direct you can add a 10-year warranty, a vast array of colours and delivery nationwide. Stockists of quartz & granite worktops.

Quartz Worktops Direct


Granite kitchen worktop


Quality marble worktops can be a challenge to find, but Nerostein offers both honed and polished Carrara marble. Whilst it’s very beautiful, it’s not the most practical kitchen choice, because although it’s heat resistant, it’s also very easy to scratch and stain. Check out the Nerostein online gallery to see the full display of marble available, as well as some beautiful granite and quartz worktops too.

Nerostein UK Website


Marble kitchen worktop


Glass worktops are a popular choice as they’re heat resistant, tough and long lasting, with a sleek, glossy and luminous look. Glass is hygienic, very easy to clean and heat resistant up to 400°c and with Bespoke Glass Design you can choose the perfect colour to suit any kitchen.

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glass worktop

Glass kitchen worktop


Wooden worktops can be made from a variety of different woods to suit your kitchen and your budget. From oak to walnut, cherry to maple, the choice is yours, though you can’t chop foods on them and they’re not heat resistant at all. Plus, as they’re likely to need regular oiling to protect the finish and help water resistance, they’re a little more high maintenance. When properly sealed and maintained though, a wooden worktop can be very long lasting. Try Wooden Kitchen Worktops for bespoke worktops, breakfast bars and sink cut outs in any shape or size.

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