What type of splash-back should I choose?

Who’d have thought there’d be so many different types of splash-backs to choose from? We’ve put together a guide to the best of the best to help you decide which one’s right for you. Just remember it’s always a good idea to get cleaning tips from the supplier.

1. Chalkboard

A chalkboard is an easy way to create a feature wall that doubles up as a family memo board. It’s the perfect way to organise your shopping list and let the kids get creative while you’re cooking. When not in use it makes for a sleek looking splash-back and, luckily, it’s really easy to clean.

2. Ceramic Tiles

From plain squares to circular mosaics, you can mix and match to find the tile that suits your kitchen colour scheme perfectly. Ceramic tiles are super hard-wearing and easy to clean too.


Ceramic Tile Splash-back

3. Stainless Steel Tiles

From brushed to polished finish, stainless steel tiles will give you that clean, industrial kitchen look. They’re strong and long lasting, but do be prepared for the upkeep. To keep the tiles in tip top condition, there’s quite a bit of maintenance involved, though there are plenty of products you can buy to help.

4. Stainless Steel Sheeting

Sheeting will give you that same industrial look without needing quite so much cleaning. It’s just as strong and durable, but will show even the tiniest of watermarks, so if you’re a neat freak, this isn’t the splash-back for you.


Stainless sheet splash-bank

5. Rough Stone

A rough stone splash-back will give your kitchen a rustic, country-style look, and the uneven nature adds a touch of uniqueness. Plus, if you get the lighting right, it’ll bounce off the rough edges and create cosy highlights. Rough stone is extremely tough, durable, and easy to clean, though sealants may often be required.

6. Smooth Stone

Smooth stone tiles are just as tough and long lasting as rough stone, but will give you a more even, natural and sophisticated finish. Try alternating colours for a funkier splash-back look.

7. Natural Brick

Bricks work brilliantly as a feature wall in kitchens and loft conversions, adding a little touch of warmth. They give a neat look, they’re durable and surprisingly easy to clean, though you can’t use any acid based, abrasive cleaners or wire brushes. Go for veneers if your budget’s tight, and paint the bricks in whatever colour you fancy for a real contemporary, designer look.

8. Coloured Glass

Glass splash-backs are extremely easy to clean and can be maintained with very little effort. Pair with a coloured glass kitchen worktop or blend two materials together, like wood and glass, for a truly modern feel.

9. Bamboo

If you’re after something a little more unusual, Strand-Woven bamboo tiling is very eye-catching. Modern and natural, it gives a warm feel, but you’ll need to be careful when cleaning and specialist advice is recommended for long term care.

Bamboo splashback

Bamboo splashback

10. Living Wall Tiles

Create a living wall with plants, foliage or a selection of herbs to really make a statement with your splash-back. With a herb wall you’ll have culinary assistance at the ready, and it’s sure to be a talking point.

11. Marble, Granite, Quartz and Corian

All four materials are pretty tough, durable and easy to clean, though marble will stain easily. Yes they’re going to be expensive, but the overall finish easily justifies that extra cost.