A Fire Sprinkler Designed for Retrofit

When coming up with design solutions for refurbishing older home models with modern aesthetics, architects are often confined to solutions that are limiting in order to meet the national safety requirements set by the LABC. In addition, city officials are often torn when handling older constructions because they need to be brought up to code with modern fire sprinkler systems but the costs are too high. The choice becomes so challenging that more often than not, the problems are ignored or left alone without an attempt to find a solution that would be both practical and economical. Unfortunately, however, this is a huge risk and liability, and the consequences could be horrific.

One of the biggest issues with a traditional sprinkler system is that you’re often required to expand or attach a main with additional piping to get the amount of water required. This is a feat that is both impractical and costly when dealing with older constructions, especially in areas that are more remote and far from natural water sources and city pipelines. Automist water mist sprinkler system is a smarter, automatic fire sprinkler system. Instead of the typical ceiling-mounted sprinkler head, this device consists only of a stainless-steel panel that seamlessly integrates into the interior of almost any living space. As soon as the sprinkler system is activated, the head of the unit rotates automatically to directly target fires with a powerful jet of water mist, using about one-tenth of the water supply of traditional fire sprinklers.

With many renovations to older buildings, relocating occupants to alternative facilities can be a significant expense. Automist technology was developed with this problem in mind. Its compact, straightforward design enables retrofit without the use of a tank or network of pipes. Instead, Automist is installed similarly to a power shower, making it the perfect retrofit alternative for older constructions, especially multiple occupant residencies like: dorms, assisted living centres and apartment towers.

Runnymede Council began a programme to retrofit sprinklers to flats within its only tower block – the 16-storey Surrey Towers in Addlestone. To avoid issues with access and disruption to tenants, installations took place when they are either subject to major internal works, or at the time of re-letting. Automist was selected because Automist water mist systems were easier to retrofit than other fire suppression systems and uses less water whilst still maintaining excellent performance.

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