Taking A Closer Look At The Sir William Allen Hall Memorial Hall Conversion


As with any renovation project, there are numerous suppliers involved and this project was no exception. The detailing of the workmanship gives an idea of just how many professionals came together to create this beautifully stunning, functional modern style home.

This property went from garishly cringe worthy pink to fabulously chic! All with the help of c3 architectsLeo Matheson Limited and other suppliers along this property’s renovation journey.

In liaising with Mark of c3 architects you can instantly tell that quality and delivering a client’s requirements along with professionalism, a good knowledge of the many suppliers in the area and who to rely on are at the top of the agenda.

This project involved many suppliers in bringing this transformation to completion, those who were responsible for the sewage treatment plant, VILTRA dealing in both domestic and commercial wastewater treatments. They offer a complete installation package, giving reassurance that each system has been installed correctly and will achieve its maximum performance. Also offering maintenance on septic tanks, wastewater treatment systems, pumping stations or rainwater harvesting systems, you can be certain you will be looking at a system that lasts.

In simplistic terms, it is vital that any waste transferred through the sewage system is treated correctly and safely in order for there to be no contaminants and to produce environmentally friendly waste water.  This end result is through the processes of several treatments of the waste water, firstly upon its leaving the property before travelling to the major municipal treatment plant.

The building contractors for this project, Leo Matheson Limited have a vast portfolio as building contractors and have been involved in projects in the commercial, healthcare, educational, ecclesiastical and residential arenas. The projects they have worked on are impressive and all of them have a wonderfully modern and sophisticated style about them.

Any property that undergoes drastic structural changes, will require the expertise from consulting engineers, who are usually responsible for undertaking the management of the design and engineering aspects of the build, they will work closely alongside the civil and structural engineers who are responsible for building the main framework of a building.


This particular property has a feature winding staircase, bespoke and tailor made by a company that specialises in just staircases, Macspec. The gallery on their website displays an array of interesting styles within different settings, displaying their unique talent to make a staircase fit mutually within any setting and space.  From the modern and chic suspended staircases to spiral staircases, they can easily meet your staircase needs, whatever they may be.

Alwood kitchens are the designers and suppliers of the beautifully crafted kitchen complete with island which functions as the main seating area, focal point and workstation within the kitchen area. Push touch closures on the cabinets and draws have been used giving this kitchen a beautiful minimalist yet perfectly functional style.


Bann Architectural supplied the aluminium window frames and are the supplier of preferential choice with Mark of C3 Architects, highly recommending them and stating that he uses them frequently for projects, we would imagine due to their professionalism, costing and ability to produce results and capability to work to deadlines.

This project is one of phenomenal aptitude given the huge transformation of this property, from a one-floor hall to two floors, including a beautiful mezzanine and the desirable exposed brickwork interior walls, this property has the personality that speaks professionalism throughout from all contractors and is surely a beautiful home to its new family.