Unusual Kitchen Island Designs

When it comes to kitchen design, the possibilities are endless, so we’ve scoured the net to bring you the most outrageous, jaw-dropping and elaborate kitchen islands. So whether you’re after a little inspiration or a peek into some truly original homes, this is the guide for you!

1) The Kitchen Island Aquarium

This kitchen island isn’t just a sink, hob, work surface and dining area, it’s a fully functioning aquarium! Now this would set you back a small fortune, and the arduous task of cleaning the tank on top of the kitchen might be too much for some, but your dinner guests would be seriously impressed by your aquatic friends.

Aquarium kitchen island

Aquarium kitchen island

2) The Cookbook Kitchen Island

If you’re one of those people that loves to cook and has the cookbook collection to prove it then this is the kitchen for you. You’d have all your celebrity chef advice on hand with this kitchen island library. The books would also soften the industrial look, making your kitchen a natural extension of the living room.

Bookshelf kitchen island

Bookshelf kitchen island

3) The Lego Kitchen Island

Love Lego? Have kids that love Lego? This fun Ikea kitchen island was designed by Phillippe Rosetti and Simon Pillard who covered it with 20,000 Lego pieces. If you’re not quite awake and ready for breakfast, you will be when your eyes hit this design. Perfect for Lego legends, children and those who love a splash of colour.

4) 15 Stylish Kitchen Islands

We’ve found you 15 stylish, stunning and unusual kitchen islands all on one page. From the flying kitchen with its wood island and sleek stainless steel, to the “bright orange liner” designed by A-EM Architects. From the techy vibe of the Sedna_K island by Saporiti Italia, which makes us feel like we’re in an episode of Doctor Who, to the Schulte kitchen island design specially for bloggers, we’re sure you’ll find the best and the beautiful here.

5) The Yacht Kitchen Island

Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast or you simply love a nautical theme, this kitchen island would make a great centrepiece in an open plan home. It’s luxurious, it’s stylish and you can imagine sailing the seven seas as you prepare your evening meal.

6) C Is For Contemporary Kitchen Island

With its beautiful C-shaped curve, this contemporary kitchen island packs a punch in functionality with dual sinks, work surface, cooking and seating area all in one. It would look just as beautiful from a mezzanine floor as from ground level. Dinner time has never looked so stylish.

C shaped kitchen island

C shaped kitchen island