Bath Bespoke’s Guest Blog Post – All Things Kitchens!

2017 is now upon us. So, to welcome in the new year, bespoke kitchen brand Bath Bespoke have highlighted some key kitchen trends to look out for. From style and colour to design and size, we’ve explored what’s going to hit the headlines and what could inspire your next kitchen re-design.

Rustic is right on trend

Rustic and industrial kitchens are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Influenced by traditional farmhouse kitchens, the style has evolved to incorporate ultra modern touches and finishes. The design is typically characterised by the mix of materials used. Every kitchen we design is unique, but all our rustic designs use a mix of materials which include: sawn timber, unfinished brass, copper and iron, concrete and stainless steel. We ‘distress’ the wood to give it that beautiful industrial raw appeal.


Industrial Style Vintage Kitchen near Box, Bath (created by us – Bath Bespoke)

This style appeals to both the traditional and modern mindset. The clean lines and simplistic detailing draws the eye to the unique details in the wood and the stainless steel appliances and detailing add a fresh and cool vibe.

The style isn’t just limited to large open plan spaces. Due to its simplicity, this style is versatile and can be incorporated into smaller apartment kitchens as well. If you’re looking to incorporate this style into a smaller home, choose a particular feature piece—like a table or a dresser. Its clean lines draws attention to the stunning wood grains. Keep it simple with metallic or white detailing. Or if you’re looking for impact, add a bright colourful accessory.

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Small and sophisticated

Kitchens don’t need to be big to feel spacious. If you’re limited by space, there are clever tricks to open up the room as well as keeping its functionality and design. Gone are the days where you’d have to take down a wall, or re-design the floor plan to create the perfect cooking space and because of this, small kitchens are making a come back. Small and sophisticated is set to be big in 2017.


Lansdown Crescent Restoration (created by us – Bath Bespoke)

Very often, we get asked to re-design kitchens that are located in apartments. While space can limit our designs, it adds a constraint that pushes our imagination and creativity to create the most perfect kitchen to suit our client’s needs. Adding inbuilt storage and appliances helps us save space and create seamless lines. Likewise, overhead shelving adds height and depth to a room. It makes use of empty space, provides a storage solution and makes space for cleaner detailing at floor level.

Adding accessories to the corner of rooms adds depth and colour variation, and keeps the worktops clear. Likewise, for a smaller kitchen, the paint colour is extremely important. Smaller rooms can suffer from a lack of light, but this doesn’t mean white is the solution. Adding a pastel tone, like light green, light blue or pink, adds personality and bounces the light more effectively than white. This creates the feeling of more space.

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Add a pop of colour

Colourful kitchens are set to be big next year. Instead of being purely functional, more people are wanting a kitchen that creates impact and stands alone as a beautiful piece of design. The easiest way to do so, is through colour. By having a plain background, such as a light painted wall, a colourful kitchen creates presence and a statement in a room.


Blue Contemporary Kitchen, in Clifton (created by us – Bath Bespoke)

These bright blue kitchen cabinets add depth and personality to the kitchen. The dark plain counter tops compliment the cabinets and keep the space looking sophisticated. Likewise, the overhead lighting keeps the space bright and warm. Plain accessories usually look best with a bold kitchen. It keeps the space looking open, and allows the cabinets to speak for themselves. The light coloured chairs, the white sink basin and the light wood chopping board all work to compliment the colour.

With any bold kitchen, don’t be afraid to play with design. Let the colour breathe but complement it with neutral and light coloured accessories. As in the picture (above), our client has incorporated a stunning feature wall. The neutral tones work to compliment the blue, while the large floral pattern adds character.

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We adore designing and handcrafting bespoke kitchens to suit our clients’ need and styles. If you’re thinking of a kitchen re-design in 2017, contact us to find out how we can help.