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Love home tech? Want your home to be smart, safe and filled with the latest must-have gadgets? We’ve put together a list of the top 6 smart home tech products available. Smart home tech isn’t just clever, it’s useful too. The future starts now!


Nest is a smart thermostat that really works. It connects to your Whirlpool washing machine, your Phillips Hue lights, your hot water and your smoke alarms, and allows you to set the temperature or the schedule from an app on your smartphone. Looking after your heating and your home just got easier and cheaper because, as Nest claims to learn your routine, it’ll cut down on any waste and make your home more energy efficient. Sign up here to find out what else you can connect with Nest.

Current price: £200


Nest – Thermostat

Netgear Arlo

Netgear Arlo is the best smart home security camera you can buy. It’s completely wireless (the batteries last around 4-6 months) and with no annoying cables, night vision and a waterproof case, you can pop the camera wherever it’s needed, even outside. Arlo works by detecting motion. It immediately records an HD clip and sends a notification straight to your smartphone. With 1GB of free cloud storage, you will need Wi-Fi for it to work and it’s not really suitable for continual streaming, but it’s fantastic for checking in and making sure your home stays safe, the kids are doing their homework, the repairmen are hard at work and who’s really knocking at the door.

Current Price: £180


Netgear Arlo

Panasonic Home Monitoring & Safety Kit

Panasonic’s smart home monitoring range is fantastic, from the basic starter kit with hub, window/door sensor and a motion sensor, to the Twin Camera Kit with all that plus smart plug, 4GB Micro SD card, indoor and outdoor camera and DECT handset. Panasonic also offer lots of accessories including sirens and keychain remotes, all of which gives you tip top security and peace of mind. The whole system is easy peasy to install and operate from your smartphone or tablet. You simply push one button on each device and that’s it! It’s wireless, you can set it up for night coverage and with the smart plug, you can control the living room lights from the comfort of your sofa. Use the app to check the four connected cameras, go split screen if you like and take snapshots. If you’re after the whole home security package with live streaming, this is the one for you.

Current Prices start from £350


Panasonic Home Safety Starter Kit

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote

This is a smart universal remote control that doesn’t just work on your TV – it can control your Wi-Fi, your gaming, your lights, and all your media. Working in partnership with SmartThings, Xbox One, Apple TV, Sonos, Nest, LIFX Lights, IFTTT and Insteon, you can set your home entertainment systems to stun. With easy app access, the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote offers you so much more than simply changing the channels (though it does that too, of course!).

Price: £280


Logitech Harmony-elite remote

Samsung Smart Fridge

The Samsung Smart fridge is the very latest innovation in home appliance smart tech. Now you can control your fridge from an app as well as your washing machine. The fridge comes with a handy tablet built into the front door, which lets you leave handy reminders, shopping lists and photos, or you can watch a YouTube video to talk you through your latest recipe. Inside the fridge it gets even better. There’s a handy camera that can take a snapshot, so if you’re out and about and wondering whether you need milk, you can check right away. The fridge is also sleek, smooth and has plenty of storage. So if you want help managing your groceries, tracking down expiration dates on food or do an online shop straight from the app, this is the appliance that’ll save you time and keep you connected. Oh and you can stream music and link to a Samsung TV so you’ll never miss a match if you’re stuck in the kitchen.

Price: TBC


Samsung Smart Fridge

Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock

Forget your keys? You won’t mind when you realize you can open your front door with a smartphone app. The Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock even works remotely in case your kids have left their keys inside or you need to let the builders in. It’s super simple to use, you can add and remove users and even set a 24hr pin code. It has a tamper alarm and with 4AA back up batteries, it’ll work even if the electricity goes off. Feel safe and secure with a trusted, reputable brand that’s put the smart tech into the humble key.

Price: £444

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Yale Key Free Smart Lock