Best Smart Tech Gadgets For The Kitchen & Home

If you’re into technology then we’ve plenty of ideas that’ll help inspire you in the kitchen. Whether it’s gadgets, appliances, lighting or design, we’ve scoured the net for the latest trends.

Smarter Coffee – Available to purchase from Firebox

Love good coffee? This super intelligent coffee maker can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet so it’s brewing your favourite blend before you’re out of bed. With pre-sets and wifi, it can make coffee for up to 12 people. The accompanying app also allows other users to make coffee too and with 3 interchangeable panels, there’s a design guaranteed to suit your kitchen interior. At £179.99 we think this is well worth the investment.


Click here for more Smarter Coffee specs

Philips Hue – Available from all good retailers

When it comes to lighting, Philips Hue is a home tech dream come true. Control up to 50 hue light bulbs in and around your home through an Apple homekit. Adjust the lighting in different rooms, have your lights flash to the music beat or choose up to 16 million colours for a disco effect. You can synch the lighting to home movies and even use it for social networking, with flashing lights announcing Facebook events. Worried about security? With Philips Hue you can programme features so that you appear home even when you’re away or organise the lights to be on before you get home from work. You can even set them to wake you up with graduated lighting.


Visit about Hue for more Hue specs

Smart Washing Machines  – Available from John Lewis

There’s no need to panic if you’ve forgotten to do the laundry because Smart washing machines are here. For a washing machine that’s controlled by an app, John Lewis has a great selection. It’s smart, but simple tech. If you’ve loaded the machine, but forgotten to switch it on, simply select the right cycle via the app and your clothes will be clean by the time you’re home.  Smart tech has never been so helpful.


John Lewis Online – View their range of Smart washing machines:

Corian Worktop Charger – Available from DuPont

DuPont are the brains behind a revolutionary kitchen worktop with a built-in charger. Simply place your smartphone or tablet on the Corian Worktop and watch while it effortlessly charges. Though this is only in concept stages at present, we can’t wait to see this become available.


DuPont’s website for the latest Corian Worktop news: