es em

es em design Ltd is an architecture and design practice based in London. Set up in 2014, the practice focuses on delivering highly bespoke projects working in close collaboration with clients to give them beautiful and exquisitely designed spaces and products.

With over 17 years working in the profession Supriya Mankad has worked on a wide range of projects across the world. She is qualified both in India and the UK and has worked for some of the best practices in the world including Foster and Partners and Edward Cullinan Architects (Cullinan Studios) and more recently in her own partnership at I M Lab ltd. While at F+P she worked on residential towers in New York and a restaurant in St Moritz and on the john Hope Visitor Centre at Cullinan Studios. She then co-founded IM Lab, building a practice that delivered projects across various countries in Europe, winning multiple awards along the way.

es em’s design ethos sees the structure and material of the building as intrinsic to the spatial qualities and combines this with a high attention to detail to create a rich exposed language of building. Ideas, guided by concepts of modularity and flexibility in the belief that change is inevitable and the user should have the ability to adapt, modify and add to the object or space to meet evolving requirements. The design process focuses on the relationship between technique and materiality, pushing the limits of both to develop products and spaces.