How to maximise space in a small Kitchen

Don’t despair if you’ve got a tiny kitchen. With the right design and some inventive features, you can create a big impression with a small space. Here are 5 ways to help you make the most of yours:

1. Use those walls

From shelving to store cupboards, pot racks, spice racks and magnetic knife racks, use your walls to maximise your space. Try floor-to-ceiling storage space and put up shelves as high as you can. Just remember to include a footstool to help you reach the top!


Wall rack

2. Re-think your appliances

We all want a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and hob, but if you haven’t got the space, you still don’t have to miss out. Slim fit dishwashers are now available and still hold a heap of dirty dishes. You can opt for a washer / dryer to have the best of both worlds with half the space, and why not try a compact oven or 2 zone induction hob instead of the usual 4?


Slim fit dishwasher

3. Work those cupboards

You’ve got the storage so now you need to make the best use of it. Consider a built-in bin for your cupboard, or an in-sinkerator – a food waste disposal unit that actually fits into the sink. With cleverly fitted drawers and specially designed cupboards you can pack all your pots, pans, spices and sauces into a corner space and make the most of every inch.



4. It’s the shape of the kitchen that counts

An L-shaped kitchen will guarantee you the maximum floor space, but you can also go for a galley kitchen or opt for a kitchen island. The kitchen island offers you real flexibility with an extra dining area, as well as hidden storage underneath, and with folded seating, you’ll save even more.


L-shaped small kitchen

5. Space saving cupboards

Hang hooks inside your cupboard door for utensils and a rail for your tea towels. You can add a rack for your oven gloves and hey presto, your clutter has disappeared.


Pantry cupboard