Decoroom Ltd

What We Do

At Decoroom we provide a full furniture rental service for anyone marketing empty properties.

We have over 30 years of experience of furnishing and styling high-end London residential properties to enhance their sale potential and appeal to the highest number of prospective buyers.

House Staging


We provide a full furniture rental and styling service to help the marketing of properties.
We work in newly developed or refurbished properties as well as those vacated by owners or tenants.
We supply contemporary and classic furniture, oil paintings, lithographs, lamps, rugs, ornaments, sculptures, objets d’art and silk flowers.
We individually furnish a space according to the property’s architecture, style and location.
Broad appeal and originality are our keystones.

Our rates vary according to the size of the project – we can provide you with an initial estimate if you send us a floor plan of the property.
We then visit the property and send you a confirmed quote.
We agree on an installation date that works for you and draw up a contract. Our fee includes transport, installation and removal so there are no hidden costs.
We visit the property again to plan the job, decide the layout and design the scheme based on the architecture, location and style.
On the move-in date we stage the property. Installation normally takes two days.
Once the property sells, we move out and leave the property ready for completion.
Design Consultancy

WORKING TOGETHER | We work with developers and architects and can be involved as much or as little as the client requires at any stage of the project. We can advise on room layouts, finishes, colour schemes, wallpapers, curtains, flooring and joinery. We are also happy to collaborate with interior designers already assigned to the job.

You can contact our designers at: