English Woodlands Timber

Our timber heritage can be traced back to the forestry companies that emerged in post WWII, 1950’s Britain, as national forest industries were booming.

Oakover and Wealden Woodlands were two companies providing management services across Kent and Sussex in the late 1940’s early 1950’s, and our very own Keith Seymour worked for Oakover, a company that still operates a tree nursery in Maidstone, Kent today.

Across the UK thousands of men were engaged in the clearance of “redundant” broadleaves and the establishment of new conifer plantations created to meet the surge in supply and demand.

All felling was done by hand up until then, with axes and cross cut saws but into the 60’s and 70’s forest machinery crept into use. Chainsaws were used instead of handsaws. Small tractors came into use instead of horse teams for getting logs to roadside and forestry moved towards mechanisation.