Studio 2000

We are an established design & building company since 1996, based in London and specialising in the refurbishing of properties in sought out areas around central London; both traditional and modern homes, whilst also undertaking commercial & retail fit-out works.

We specialise in refurbishing homes which require close consultation with the client and a tailored approach to the high-end building and design techniques which we are proud to offer. Through flexibility and conscientiousness, we are able to bring the client’s vision to fruition and to ensure that all goals are met and expectations fulfilled.

We also offer a complete service including architectural drawings, interior design, project management and executing the full construction package. Alternatively, we can simply undertake fit-outs using clients’ nominated architects and designers and manage to ensure our high standards are met.

We have a long established relationship with our overseas joint-venture companies to produce specialist services.

At the head of our company are three directors, with solid background and experience, embodying the company’s commitment to quality service in property sourcing, refurbishment and building.

Whatever the size of your project, we source the finest materials and employ proven, innovative techniques - as our former and current clients will readily testify.

From start to finish the directors are personally involved in all projects, overseeing their planning and execution.