Alexander Sedgley Architects

Alexander Sedgley Ltd is an award-winning architectural practice with over 20 years experience. Established in Greenwich in 1989 by Stephen Alexander and Roger Sedgley, the practice has successfully completed a large number of projects primarily in the healthcare, education, housing and sports sectors.

We believe that context is the starting point for any project. All buildings exist in relationship to others. In the cities we live and work in, the relationships are varied and complex. To be considered successful, our buildings should sit comfortably with their neighbours. That does not mean parody or pastiche. We believe that appropriate contextual solutions can be achieved using contemporary design and materials.

We have long had a commitment to energy conscious buildings created from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials. We need to create both private and public buildings that in the future will cost less to
run. This involves appropriate orientation, increasing the levels of insulation, using solar panels to preheat water and produce electricity, and harvesting rainwater for everything other than food preparation
and washing.

Our architecture should not only reflect our clients’ aspirations and needs but should also enhance the lives of those who use them and make a positive contribution to their context and setting.

We will show you how to maximise your project. This will mean listening to your ideas and distilling them into clear and exciting solutions.