Fire – A very real threat to the home and lives – Plumis are introducing a modern firefighter at hand

Fire is an infernal destroyer and it’s effects long after it has ravaged the home, building or place of interest are long lasting. The ultimate price of fire is the result of a loss of life or lives.

Whilst many are not prepared to face this destroyer head on, there is one team of innovative, caring and loving people who intend on changing the face of fire safety and are bringing a solution to all for protection against this deadly predator and they have a vision. That vision is to bring safety to the homes of all in a future where safety is paramount.


Plumis have a dream, to make the burning of buildings and the endangerment of lives from fire a thing of the past

We’re talking state of the art integration of fire suppression in the modern day. That team we talk of, is Plumis. Automist and Smartscan are their fire fighting heroes that combine green and eco friendly technologically orientated efforts with a force that is powerful at suppressing fires, water mist. Water mist? How can that be powerful? We hear you say. It has the ability to help elevate the smoke from fire to ceiling height, aiding in a more breathable escape, it can disperse the droplets of water around a room in no time at all with ease, meaning a swift exit of the premises can be made in order to vacate the property where the fire is apparent, allowing for a safe means of escape for you to then be able to call the fire brigade.

Whilst it may not be necessary for the fire brigade to have to put the fire out upon arrival, it is always advisable in any instance of fire, you vacate the building to safety and seek the professionals help. No matter what the circumstances. We believe the team at Plumis has a prophetic vision of also saving fire fighters lives from the risk of fire also as sadly there are many fallen at the hands of fire.

The great thing about these two innovative products from Plumis are their distinguishable characteristics in comparison to that of regular old fashioned traditional sprinklers. They use one tenth of  the water in comparison, meaning if there is the event of activation, the clean up is one that is of considerably less damage of that compared to those ceiling type mounted sprinklers that bring a deluge of water in the process, often resulting in the damage and loss of many possessions, some of which can never be replaced and are effectively priceless.

The other difference is both systems by Plumis are easily retro-fitted and can be installed at any stage of the build process. There’s no need for a tank the size of a swimming pool (Yes, we maybe exaggerating slightly but the size difference is astonishing) Automist has a pump which is connected to the mains water supply with ease and all cased within an impressive small but mighty housing which can fit in most spaces, like that of a utility cupboard.

We don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer about this miracle wonder product that is defending against fires and being installed in more and more homes as we type, so without further ado, we ask you to watch some enlightening videos on the fire suppression system that we believe should be installed as a standard throughout all homes in the modern day. We hope you enjoy the watch and education. We have chosen two videos for you to take a look at, the first being an introduction to Automist Smartscan and the second showing it’s mighty power of defense against a fire.